Heather's Family

1:09 PM

I had the opportunity to take pictures of my sister Heather and her cute family this weekend. My sister and her husband have two adorable children and one on the way. My niece and nephew have so much energy, they were running around everywhere during the photo shoot. I wish they could have shared some of that energy with me! :) I wasn't able to get one family photo with them all looking and smiling in the same direction, but I did get some fun shots of them all. These are the ones I like best. :)

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  1. Thank you for taking our pictures!! They turned out great.

  2. Amber! your photos are SO cute! I didn't even know you had a photo blog! Now I'm going to need to check it all the time...

    What do you charge for taking family photos? We'd love to get some done when we get back from Seattle in the fall!

  3. I'd love to take them for you! It's all just more practice for me. :)



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