9 Months

7:34 PM

Life must have gotten busy because I missed Seth's 6 month mark for photos. I was determined not to miss a 9 month photo shoot opportunity. Despite our busy schedules, I grabbed some clothes, grabbed my camera and headed upstairs with him on my hip.

He was in need of a nap so I worried he wouldn't be the happiest. We also don't have much of a yard for photos but I knew I had to make due with the driveway. The time of day was late afternoon which provided some good shade from the fence and trees. For being so quickly planned though, I captured some of my favorite shots of my little boy at 9 months. He was distracted just being outside but with the help of my other two kids (making faces at him from behind me) I was able to get a few smiles. :)

the writing on the ground was my daughter's lovely art work. :)

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